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FLEBI is a young and dynamic company founded in Seville in 2010 with the aim of meeting a need that arose in this city as well as in many other agglomerations that begin with a firm commitment to promote sustainable urban mobility through the creation adequate infrastructure for cycling.

People are beginning to consider this mode of transportation as a real alternative to get to work and carry out their daily tasks on the city streets in an efficient manner. It becomes healthy, environmentally friendly and fun, and depending on the distance it can be even cheaper and faster than a car or motorcycle that consumes fuel, where you have to pay taxes, insurance, not to mention traffic jams. and lack of parking space.

From our point of view, we believe that urban cyclists want to reach their destination in the shortest possible time and the minimum effort, mounted on a practical vehicle that can be combined with other means of transport, and be stored easily at home, at work or elsewhere. Electric, foldable and lightweight. This is the real sense of movement FLEBI (Folding, Light & Electric Bike).