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The sales arguments and the description of the SERVICE does not lack :

Products tested and reliable and never broken down...

Guaranteed products, if you buy it expensive

Do not buy chinese products

Give priority to certain brands compared to other

In fact, all these arguments are false, because before boarding our service department, we carried out a study on the fault, the type of components the most fragile, and to test several tens of electric bikes in all brands.We make you benefit of our experience and our observation on the ground out of a population of 1000 bikes

Type of failureNB.DE BREAKDOWNS in 2 years%
Battery ( + charger )808%
ConnectorsThe 10.61,06%
Sensor pedal2,70,27%
Display on the handlebar2,40.24% in

It should be noted the high occurrence of failures or malfunctions of batteries (autonomy sharply reduced the + often)

We solve this drawback by 1 standard exchange of battery if the client is at a distance not allowing a return himself to the workshop,

To remove a large part of the feedback workshop, we adopt as early as 2013 on the majority of our models a connector molded type Plug & Bike.

A good SERVICE must start with a correct diagnosis difficult without a set of resources that we offer to the master :

  • Process control to detect the cause of failure
  • Form to assist in the diagnosis
  • Videos for SAV (several for each vae) ...
  • Training of our technicians
  • Telephone support
  • Services, shipments of parts