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 VAT refund

For purchases in France by a customer resident abroad, and of which the product must be delivered in a country that is not part of the EU.

We provide the bill of sale to the export and the invoice.

For purchases in France, the Swiss have the possibility to get a VAT refund.

Residents of Switzerland have the possibility to recover the VAT on almost all goods purchased in Europe.

Attention : you must be resident in Switzerland and the amount of the purchases must meet a minimum amount. It amounts to 155 euro in Italy, 175 euros (from the same seller) in France and € 75 in Austria. Germany does not impose a sum of the minimum purchase of this type.

1. We provide the bill of sale for export :

In France, since 1 January 2014, this schedule must include a bar code and logo PABLO, a procedure computing for the electronic visa slips in the export sales.

2. We fill the bill for our party : in addition to include your name, your address and the number of your identity document, the schedule must also include the signature of the seller as well as yours.

3. Staple the invoice : this form will only be valid if it is accompanied by the invoice. To facilitate the work of customs, the best is to staple the receipt. In fact, some agents are refusing to accept leaflets flying.

4. To aim the slip : to do this, go to the French customs, give your form to the customs officer and present him with a piece of identity. If your packing slip has a barcode and the logo PABLO, you'll be able to proceed yourself to the electronic visa by presenting it to a specific charging station. It is possible, for example, at the point of crossing the motorway from Saint-Julien en Genevois. The reason why your passport is necessary, due to the fact that to be able to refund the VAT, it is necessary to be resident in Switzerland.

6. Get a VAT refund : the refund does not take place immediately at the customs, but at a later date.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.