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Electric bike opportunity

The electric bike market of opportunity takes the awareness of the value, the more the trend and popularity of electric bicycles is believed and the greater the market opportunity will continue to grow. The question to ask is whether it's worth it to buy an electric bicycle used instead of a new electric bike and if the purchase of an electric bike of an opportunity is a good investment.

Before going deep into the subject, it is necessary to know about some of the concepts on the components of electric bicycles and, more particularly, the components of the most fragile and sensitive which are :

The sensor that allow you to manage the support the battery, the engine.

These 3 components in the order are designed for a duration on average of 2 years, so it's important to know if one has the possibility to change the parts and if the manufacturer continues to maintain them.
In the contrary case, do not venture to buy it because you might not enjoy it very much, of course it also depends on the age of the bike.
Another reason that slows down a bit this market is the fact that the technologies that evaluate a lot, as well as the regulations and because of this, older bikes are quickly becoming very obsolete, and therefore very difficult to sell.
The price of a used bicycle, e-bikes, including the price of nine varies between 800 and 1200€, I doubt that the bike used to be interesting unless it has less than one year of seniority and that it is proposed that around 500€.
And finally, the premium proposed by the town halls does not subsidize electric bikes used.

So think carefully before you embark on the adventure of the occasion.