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The weight of electric bikes

This article is written by the site www.veloelectriquefrance.fr

Why the electric bike is heavier


This article aims to inform you about the weight of electric bikes.

The electric bikes are much heavier than bicycle classic, and this for several reasons.

  1.      Equipment such as the support, the crank.
  2.      The battery, which weighs often the models between 1.5 and 2.5 kg.
  3.      All the other components like the frame, the stem quality is better than the conventional bicycle and therefore heavier

Has less to pay the electric bike very expensive such as carbon or aluminium lightweight.

The role of the assistance is to ease pedaling so as to make it a very easy.

The weight on an electric bike is not a handicap it is necessary to take into account, this is not the weight of the bike, but the set of parameters (battery, assistance, engine).