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THE after-sales Service and warranty on electric bikes

This article is written by the site www.veloelectriquefrance.fr

Editor : the August 18, 2016

The after-sales service on electric bikes

We believe that the sale of electric bicycles will become more common as it is already the case in other European countries, namely, that the sales on the internet will more and more develop.

In effect, the shops, however, remain limited in the choices of models and brands offered, on the other hand, they will often encourage you to take a model even if the latter is exceeded a point-of-view technology.

We speak, of course, electric bikes brand, and greater than 1200 €, The sales on the internet offers benefits, such as price, the ability to have access to the latest models, a greater diversity of brands and power.

You're going to tell me and the SAV.

The internet sites that respect have such as the shops at their repair center, which is often more efficient because technicians are trained to manufacturers and in addition they are more spare parts in stock.

The battery are 2 years warranty, the component such as the support, the front derailleur, suspensions, ... are 2 years warranty, the bike frame is guaranteed 5 years.


Manufacturers distinguish between the guarantee on the part of the cycle (the bike itself) of the engine and the battery. The warranty periods range from 1 to 5 years generally on the part of the cycle and from 1 to 3 years for the motor and the battery. Some manufacturers give a number of load cycles is guaranteed for the battery.


IMPORTANT : you must recharge your battery every month even if you do not use your electric bike.