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Guide to buying an electric bike in 10 points

Our goal is to assist you by our experts to choose your electric bike/

Our job is to advise you, we suggest you answer the following questions and our experts will provide you with a selection of electric bike tailored to your criteria.


  1.        What type of electric bike (city Bike, folding bike, mountain BIKE ?

City bike, folding Bike, mountain BIKE


  1.        How many km, do you think browse by month ?

< 50 km, between 50 and 100 km, > 100 km


  1. What type of journey you need to travel ?

Ride hilly, on the coast, and ride flat


  1. Do you have a place to store the electric bike

Yes or no


  1. What is your budget

< 1000€ between 1000 and 1500€, > 150€


  1. Do you know the size of your electric bike, if yes which

IF no, please give us your size and the size of your legs and we will advise you on the size of the bike.

  1. That is what's most important to you on 3 criteria : the price or the power and weight


8. To pay in several times would be for you to be a criterion for you to decide to buy a bike électriqu

9. What is your favorite color

10. Have you ever tried an electric bike ?

Send us your answers by mail contact@veloelectriquefrance.fr by indicating your email and we will answer you