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Presentation of the Peugeot marque

A bit of history

In 2011, in partnership with Cycleurope, Peugeot cycle continues with the production of bicycles with the excellent reputation is founded since more than 120 years on faultless quality, constant innovation, and an image is legendary, closely associated with a long-term presence in the Tour de France cyclist. To date, 10 wins from Peugeot are still unmatched.

Since 1898, Peugeot Cycles designs and develops its bikes on the basis of a unique know-how. With particular attention to the aesthetic, safety and technological innovation, the brand research new, environmentally friendly solutions for mobility.

The values of the brand


The requirement is at the heart of the values of the Peugeot marque. From its origins up to our days the brand was able to highlight more than a century of experience to build its reputation, thanks to a requirement always renewed the design of the bikes :

the choice of materials, combining efficiency and safety, the design of frameworks which are innovative, or the selection of the best equipment, nothing is left to chance. Proud of its origins, the brand Peugeot Cycles is capitalizing on 130 years of experience to offer new mobility solutions to be innovative.

Bikes electric peugeot


For more than two centuries, Peugeot nourishes the ambition to renew themselves constantly in a combining requirement, and emotion to find mobility solutions innovative. Inspired by the passion of driving, the authenticity of its roots and the ambition creative

the brand delivers more than just products, an experience. Marrying and technological prowess and passion, Peugeot will share with you over 200 years as a story written with excellence and emotion.


On the occasion of the 200 years of the brand, Peugeot has created a new line style, which can find expression both in the automotive as in the bikes, designed by the designers Peugeot. And this alchemy on the particular brand,

which cleverly combines requirement, and emotion, is expressed in the style through products to the athletic look in sleek style and sensual. The brand reaffirms its ambition creative in the realization of bicycle dynamic and elegant, that invite us to dream and to escape.

The selection of our experts electric bikes


Peugeot Cycles along with team Elite of Poissy Triathlon, as the 2013 season, with models RSR in the context of the development of its Road range. The Lion Brand wants to experiment with their products with top-level athletes - national and international - to improve the level of performance of its products.
Strong values of each of the two entities : the commitment, the authenticity and the overrun for Poissy Triathlon and the Requirement, the Emotion and the Pace for Peugeot Cycles, this partnership fits around a single ambition : to provide emotions around a same passion : sport in competition.
Twenty athletes around the world on bicycle carbon RSR from the Style center of Velizy and the factory in Romilly sur Seine to meet the expectations