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SWYFF is a registered trademark by NESCO BVBA, a specialist in sustainable mobility solutions.

SWYFF is the promotion of the electric bicycle as a means of efficient transportation. Our products are developed in collaboration with industrial and scientific partners, who share the philosophy of SWYFF : passion for cycling ease and comfort innovation materials quality battery packs and motors performance excellent price - quality ratio SWYFF, it is the joy of pedaling without effort, thus increasing its radius of action, a effective, safe and environmentally friendly to do some shopping, join friends, driving kids to school, ride to work or to the sports club : more problems with files, free parking, more fuel costs and help yourself to the environment ....and arrive fresh and rested to your destination SWYFF is a registered trademark by NESCO BVBA, a specialist in sustainable mobility solutions.

the VAE plianst SWYFF

The design of the VAE SWYFF

The electric bikes SWYFF are designed on the basis of a framework of aluminum ultra lightweight and quality components. The powerful electric motor in the hub of the rear wheel, and the battery stable provide assistance dynamic.

Roll with a SWYFF is super easy : start by pedaling and the motor engages automatically. When you do not pedal more, the engine fires and continues coasting.
The speed simply via the screen attached to the handlebars. Cruising speed of 25km/h guaranteed ... without any effort !

All of our bikes electric folding

The advantages of the electric bike SWYFF compared to the bike without assistance :

  • cruise speed higher, so more quickly to the destination
  • hills and wind standing are not obstacles
  • roll loosely to the sides of a cyclist led to
  • roll light, even pulling a cart
  • sport without forcing refreshed and ready to go on arrival and therefore a guaranteed pleasure