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The Brand of Bike, electric folding BIZOBIKE

BIZOBIKE has been designed for the sole purpose of convincing more people to use means of transportation. Also, we are committed to the manufacture of folding bikes are of high quality and the best price, while ensuring the best service at the global level.

BIZOBIKE : ecological mobility

BIZOBIKE is dedicated to the development of solutions that promote ecological mobility. We would like to convince people, organizations, and governments, with our concepts, ingenious mobile solutions and environmentally friendly. All folding bikes BIZOBIKE are compliant with CE standards and. Our annual visits for our main parts manufacturers deal with them a good communication, as well as an excellent co-operation for an ever better service.


1. It allows you to go green. Rather than take the car or the taxi, which use fossil fuels, are responsible for the pollution and traffic jams. You will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and traffic jams by choosing the bike.

2. Exercise by pedaling to work or to the store, you can take it anywhere with you.

3. The folding bike does not dictate your day. In fact, you decide to ride a bike or not, depending on what the weather and your private life you dictate.

4. It can be carried in the bus, the subway, the train or the plane, without you having to pay additional fees.

5. It is light enough that you can carry and drop it at work, in your apartment or condo, where space is a luxury.

6. It is ideal when travelling abroad. No need of bike racks at the back of your car, and no concerns about the safety of your bike after dusk.

Before you browse through this guide of use, we recommend that you locate your serial number which is inscribed at the bottom of your bike frame.

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Electric bike Bizobike : serial Number

Register your serial number in this manual, in case your bike is lost or stolen.
In addition, you can register your serial number with the local police station.