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Some bikes are exclusively for the relaxation and that of others using the bike all the days as a means of transport to go to l' school or at work. To ensure that you arrive in a comfortable way and without stress to your destination, a quality bike is needed.

Find a bike that meets your expectation and your budget is not as easy

A bike that responds to consumer requirements

The brand KRIGORI has designed a SCHEME that meets the requirements of the users and fans of bikes.

For the past 25 years, KRIGORI is to listen to the specialist distributors and of their customers. Because we have an ear for people who use daily our bicycle and judge, we are in a position to adapt in constantly our products to the criteria and the requirements of our clients required.

The range of electric bike KRIGORI

The range of the EAB of the brand


The bikes KRIGORI with motor central are guarantors for a moving silent and smooth. The characteristics of our central motor have a neutral effect and are the guarantors of a constant help in the rolling . . You have the choice between 3 models : Apollo 360 Wh , Explorer 432 Wh and the Challenger 500 Wh.


Our new EVOLUTION series combines both a help sporty and a trendy design . The batteries are integrated into the framework and have a look very slender . The battery is easily removable for reloading, when and where you want it .


Our renewal in the range of high quality TRAVEL , DISCOVERY , CRUISER and E-MINI , are guarantors of a pleasure without worries during your bike rides .

The energy saving engine will make you enjoy a maximum of support for many kilometres . Whether you are riding long or short distances , you can each time choose the model that will fit best to your profile cyclist . Thanks to the 5 levels of assistance, you can always choose the mode walk or sports in which you would travel.

Discover our range of VAE

The + brand

KRIGORI gives a particular choice of the materials used in its VAE so that these bikes are rugged and lightweight.

Attention to detail in regards to materials and finish. Not only on the technical side , but also in terms of design, we strive to design the cycle of innovation yet that can appeal to cyclists of basic and advanced