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Offers For The Particular

Local councils have put in place initiatives to encourage the acquisition of an electric bike by putting in place subsidies that vary from 250 to 400€ not to exceed 25% of the purchase price of the EAB.

The grant is different following the city councils (refer to our table of subsidies)

The state is supporting this initiative by putting in place a refund on the cost odometer (see our blog on the reimbursement of mileage costs).

The average price of an electric bike is between 1500€ and 2000€ for a bike of good quality and therefore the purchase of an electric bike is not always accessible to all

The price of the bike and theft are part of the arguments that hinder the acquisition of an electric bike.

It is for this reason that we have worked with banks and insurance companies, to provide you with formulas of financing and insurance that meets your expectations.


- Insurance for theft and loss fully supported for a year for the purchase of an electric bike on our website (1)

- Payment in 3 times without fees

- Payment over 12 months (2)

- Payment over 24 months (2)


(1) You can contact us to provide you with an extension of the insurance 2 or 3 years.

(2) contact Us to know the terms of payment over 12 or 24 months.