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Principle of operation the EAB


An electric motor adds an additional strength to your pedal stroke. Without action on your part, the machine does not advance. It is an electric bike (VAE), not a Moped. The assistance is limited to 25 km/h. The regulations in force is that relating to bikes : no helmet, no insurance, no point lost in the event of infringement, bike trails allowed.

The advantages and limitations

You will come away very easily after each stop at a light. You pass the ribs without effort. You carry easily a child on a seat behind you. The maintenance is very inexpensive. The excitement of rolling stock are in general considered to be very pleasant.
Limitations : you have less autonomy and speed as in the scooter, and when the battery is discharged, you end up with a bike weighing twice as much as normal (between 20 and 30 kg). Choose the lightest model possible, if, for the ranger in you, the load, often in a TER or the park at your work, it must take steps bike to hand or manoeuvring in a narrow corridor.
Pay also Attention to the flights : a VAE to 1 200 or 2 000 € is the envy of your friends.

The price

Below 1200 €, attention. The manufacturer has to have sacrificed something. Between 1200 and 1 500 €, the range of choice is already wide urban bike or hybrid walking tour-city. Between 1 200 and 3 000 €, you will find the urban bicycles to the very neat finish (disc brakes, lighting, high-performance aluminum frame, elegant design, etc), or all-terrain bikes to electric power. The enthusiasm generated by this segment of the market has surprised the manufacturers and the resellers.
Beyond 3 000 €, you'll have a mountain BIKE top of the range or a " speed-bike ", a bike able to ride at 45 km/h, subject to the same regulations as mopeds 50 cm3, with helmet, registration and insurance mandatory.