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Antivol vélo U pliable à clef Bordo ABUS

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Antivol ABUS


Anti-theft bicycle U folding lock Bordo ABUSE

ModelBordo 6000
TypeLock U Folding
Type of closureHas keys
Level of securityLevel 4
- Optimal safety
- Main Protection
Weight75 : 1031 g
90 : 1220 g
FixingStorage pouch
Length75 cm or 90 cm
ProtectionRubber around the anti-theft device
SecurityLevel 10 - Abuse
MaterialArticulation and chassis in special steel, case-hardened
Box covered with a shell of silicone
Supplies2 keys reversible
Carrying case clipsable
Thickness of joint5 mm
Reference (SKU)ANTAB08005

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Antivol vélo U pliable à clef Bordo ABUS

Antivol vélo U pliable à clef Bordo ABUS

U-lock folding Bordo 6000 - Abuse

Compact and safe, the anti-theft U Bordo 6000 brand Abuse represents an innovation thanks to its flexibility and its comfort of use the maximum to attach the bike to the street furniture. It is available at a choice of 75 or 90 cm.

Protection bike key

Allowing a good protection of the bike, the lock Bordo 6000 is composed of joints of 5 mm thickness and a camera body in special steel, case-hardened. The latter is covered with a silicone shell. Every blade folding is surrounded by protective tubes rubber to protect the varnish and prevent the paint wear at the contact of the anti-theft. It locks using a key reversible codified (two are provided).

Anti-theft easily transportable

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