The electric bike or VAE (electric assistance bike) is becoming more and more followers. It is a classic bike, but to which was added a battery and an electronic engine. It allows to combine travel and sports without getting too tired.

Many people think that the electric bike is not suitable for sports because it is equipped with a motor and a battery. But it's completely wrong! Electric cycling requires physical activity, pedaling, and sport. Only, thanks to the engine, one makes less effort.
It is said that the bike is excellent for the health provided that it is practiced without excess.

And the electric bike makes it possible to play sports moderately. When you feel tired, the engine takes over. So those who say it's for the lazy are really wrong. With an electric bike like those of the Beaufort brand, you can work your body while enjoying electrical assistance when you need it.

Can we lose weight with an electric bike?

You have a few extra pounds to lose or you want to have a flat stomach and you wonder if riding an electric bike could be beneficial for you. The answer is yes.